Avocado Toast Post; ISSUE NUMBER ONE

Avocado Toast Post; ISSUE NUMBER ONE


Avocado Toast Post Issue Number One; A New Modern Renaissance.

Art, fashion, design, and food sparked from tough economic times, birthed in an age where minimum wage is the same price as avocado toast; these are the stories of the creatives behind the new modern renaissance. 

Avocado Toast Post is a lifestyle magazine exploring modern anthropology through art, fashion, design, and food. We are not a lifestyle magazine selling a singular lifestyle, but rather a celebration of our differences, similarities, and the ambiguity woven in-between.

***Do to the independent, grassroots foundation of the magazine, our printing and shipping process may not be as fast as larger publications. We print in small batches, using mom and pop companies, to make sure we are able to obtain our desired quality, while supporting our community. We apologize for the delay, and are working on getting the magazine to a store near you, avoiding the shipping process in general!

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