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As a brand built for the modern human, the pursuit has always been to evolve into a vertically integrated company that supports the creative community. With a large database of writers, artists, photographers, and musicians, and a clear passion to support them, this facet of the business really created itself. Creatives are often underpaid, over-worked, and underrepresented: with this facet of Avocado Toast Post, we are able to help set a precedent for creative working standards and media representation. By offering fair rates that mutually serve the represented and persons involved in publishing and PR, we create a symbiotic relationship that only strengthens the creative community.
— Jamila Pomeroy, Editor-in-Chief of Avocado Toast Post

As journalists, published writers, photographers, and creatives in the publication world, we know what works and what doesn’t— setting us aside from the average PR and publishing firm who haven’t been at the frontlines of media. With the help of these high-calibre creatives, we aim to put creatives on the best path for success.

Providing PR services that range from press releases, media kits, promo videos, social media navigation, and bookings; Avocado Toast.Co is the one stop shop for creatives, by creatives.

As writers ourselves, we know how difficult it is to get published in North America, let alone Canada. Avocado Toast.Co aims to break barriers put-forth by gatekeepers in the publication world, making publishing more accessible, while supporting marginalized creatives.

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Photo by Laura Harvey

Photo by Laura Harvey


While their hometown of Vancouver, B.C, Canada may be known for moody indie-rock, Ludic exude a delightfully bright and unique brand of groovy tunes. The trio consists of Ayla Tesler-Mabe (18,) Rhett Cunningham (18,) and Max Cunningham (20.) Drawing from great music icons such as Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan, and modern soul pioneers such as Hiatus Kiayote; Ludic seamlessly blend vintage and present soul, funk, jazz, and pop, creating music for a wide-array of listeners.

When brothers Max and Rhett Cunningham met Ayla Tesler-Mabe at a local jam in 2017, something clicked; prompting Tesler-Mabe, guitarist of Calpurnia, to branch outside of indie-rock. With Tesler-Mabe’s fast rise to fame, both on her own and with Calpurnia, the encircling fanbase has met the trio with an undying love and fierce interest since the bands inception. Beginning with the pursuit to create groovy sounds that are both playful and exploritive, Ludic have quickly made name as pioneers to a new formula of modern soul. With each of its members multi-instrumentalists and songwriters in their own right, the multi-talented trio create dynamic genre-defying music that speaks as an entity of its own.

Ludic have quickly made a striking impact to their local Vancouver music scene, intriguing listeners with their unique soundscapes and electric performances. With an air of ease, Ludic express complex depth as if it were a walk in the park-- and with all three members under the age of 21, the world is their playground. As a sonic display of spontaneous and undirected playfulness, Ludic set a new precedent for modern soul in-line with their namesake: while the word “Ludic” may be a term used to describe undirected playfulness, with their latest release “My Love,” the band proves themselves as mature and innovative contributors to Canadian music.