Avocado Toast Post
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Built For The Modern Human

We live in an age where minimum wage is the same price as avocado toast; an age where magazines appear to still feature only the elite, selling us unattainable lifestyles, and for some reason… we are still buying it.

Avocado Toast Post is a lifestyle magazine for the modern human. The real modern human; in our many forms, cultures, and ways of life. A true celebration of our differences, similarities, and the ambiguity sewn in-between. With a focus on current modern anthropology, we explore; fashion, the arts, culture, design, and food to new heights.

Since we are a brand built for the modern human, supporting our creative community was a no-brainer. With a large database of writers, artists, photographers, and musicians, and a clear passion to support them, this facet of the business really created itself. Creatives are often underpaid, over-worked, and underrepresented: with this facet of Avocado Toast Post, we are able to help set a precedent for creative working standards and media representation. By offering fair rates that mutually serve the represented and persons involved in publishing and PR, we create a symbiotic relationship that only strengthens the creative community.